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We understand that results are everything in the world of Finance and Insurance (F&I). Through our market research and analysis, we know that F&I results are continuing to be impacted by the increasingly competitive environment and regulation of our industry.


Allianz Advantage. A new approach to F&I training.

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Whether new to the industry or a veteran, Allianz Advantage caters for every level of experience and expertise. Business Managers will be equipped with the abilities to deliver improved results in an evolving market.

Allianz Advantage will provide Business Managers with:

  • The skills to present 100% of the eligible products, to 100% of your customers, 100% of the time;
  • The confidence and knowledge to overcome common customer F&I objections;
  • A proven end-to-end sales process that allows you to make the most of every customer interaction and explain the benefits of dealing with you and your business

Our formal training courses are available nationally throughout the year. To select your preferred location and date, please see our Allianz Advantage calendar.

When you book and pay online, you will receive an instant confirmation, with SMS and email reminders prior to your scheduled course attendance date.

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Our People

As a business partner to 65% of Australian dealerships, our Allianz Advantage team takes pride in offering Business Managers the opportunity to develop their skills and experience.

130 years combined training experience

Country wide coverage

Over 500 Business Managers trained each year

Over 50 seminars offered a year

250 on-site sessions held within sales meetings per year

Over 3,750 sales staff trained by Allianz per year

A training and development professional, Sarah holds a Bachelor of Education and worked for several years as a high-school teacher before returning to university to study journalism.

Sarah has also been a successful Business Manager at several large, multi-franchised dealerships, before joining the national training team in 2012.

Driven by the success of others, Sarah's reward is in seeing those she trains grow and exceed their previous achievements.

For Sarah, her ethos is summed up by the words of Benjamin Franklin, “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest”.

A seasoned Information Technology sales professional and consultant for over 25 years, Craig initially joined Allianz in employee development.

Craig has been instrumental in redefining the learning experience at Allianz for both our own and partners' sales professionals. For Craig it's all about moving sales conversations from selling to consulting and making selling skills development an ongoing activity, rather than a 'point in time' experience.

A self-confessed car nut, Craig has owned (and more than once rebuilt) over 40 vehicles in his driving career. He is passionate about motor vehicles and the emotional nature of a vehicle purchase.

A quote from an anonymous source resonates most with Craig when it comes to learning experiences and that is: “Don't practice until you do it right, practice until you can't do it wrong”.

With almost 20 years' motor industry experience, Ken initially joined Allianz in 2010 as an Account Manager before moving into the training team in mid-2012.

Prior to joining Allianz, Ken was a successful group Business Manager, achieving sales growth based on sound technical and sales fundamentals. Ken brings a wealth of knowledge to the role and possesses strong presentation, coaching and training skills.

He is extremely passionate about his role and thrives on developing the best in others. For Ken, self-made millionaire and entrepreneur, Robert Kiyosaki sums it up with,

“Don't let the fear of losing be greater than the excitement of winning.”

Mark Colyer - Regional Manager VIC & SA

Trevor Bell - State Manager WA

Our Approach

Innovative sales focussed training that gets results.

Our Approach

We understand that training is an ongoing commitment to your business and not just a one off session or online course. Our team all have a background in the motor industry, from Business Managers to Dealer Principals, as well as finance companies and manufacturers. We are committed to your dealership's bottom line and supporting the complete customer life cycle.

We offer flexible training options, including formal class based, online and on-site dealership workshops.

  • Duration: 3 days
  • Type: Class based state training

The Certified course focuses on the F&I sales process and offers an introduction to insurance sales to improve finance, insurance and vehicle sales for your business. It will also increase a Business Managers' knowledge and professional standing.

Using extensive group role play, in conjunction with course work, presentations and open forum discussions, the course covers:

  • » Customer to Business Managers introduction process

  • » Information gathering and qualifying customers - identifying intended payment source

  • » Conversions from bank, credit union and home equity loans

  • » Quoting options - menu options selling methodologies and systems

  • » Negotiating and overcoming objections to closing

  • » Open forum on common challenges and objection handling

  • » What insurance penetrations can be expected against a national average

  • » Review of product knowledge, duty of disclosure and compliance requirements

  • » Setting an action plan and training schedule for in-dealership follow up

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  • Duration: 1 day
  • Type: Class based state training

Designed to maintain and enhance existing skills, this session is for Business Managers who have successfully completed the Certified Course..

Building on the Certified Course content, the Advanced Course covers:

  • » Non-finance customers - selling products to ‘cash customers’

  • » Altering the sales process for phone and internet sales

  • » Identifying different communication styles

  • » Review of handling objections and common responses

  • » Making the most of manufacturer advertised finance campaigns

  • » Measuring results and setting a plan" class="btn-square navScroll">Book Online
  • Duration: 1 day
  • Type: Class based state training

This short but intensive workshop is for Business Managers who have successfully completed the Certified and Advanced Courses. The content will challenge current processes and help participants to stay up-to-date with the latest industry developments.

This session builds on the Certified and Advanced seminars and also covers:

  • » Customer personality profiling

  • » Be Learning - Sales coaching and conversation techniques

  • » GROW Model

  • » Push/Pull questioning techniques

  • » Additional income opportunities

  • » Marketing fundamentels

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  • Duration: One hour as required
  • Type: On-site dealership session

Our ‘Why F&I?’ seminar is designed to help sales people create a seamless customer experience.

This seminar covers:

  • » Maximising sales opportunities - How the F&I department can improve the profitability of the sales department

  • » Effective introductions - when and how to introduce the Business Managers

  • » Successful qualification and information gathering

  • » Handling commonly asked questions from customers.

After the session, the results are relayed to the Dealer Principal for further discussion and analysis.

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  • Duration: Up to half a day
  • Type: On-site dealership session (one on one or group sessions available)
  • Cost: Complimentary

An in-depth product understanding can help Business Managers increase insurance sales. These workshops focus on specific product modules and are an ideal follow-up to preliminary product training.

Each product module is broken into a one-hour session, covering:

  • » Features and benefits

  • » Presentation techniques

  • » Objection handling

The results of these sessions are then relayed to the Dealer Principal for further discussion and analysis.

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Informal Workshops

Our flexible approach to on-site training means we can deliver informal workshops and coaching sessions, including:

  • » Sales training - the road to a sale/the road to a delivery

  • » Systems, process and sales aid training

  • » Introduction training

Contact your State Training Manager for more information about our coaching services available to your Dealership

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Commitment Support

Success realised through continued focus.

Commitment & Support

To ensure the ongoing success of your dealership, our Allianz Advantage team is dedicated to identifying and delivering your specific training and support requirements.

Allianz Advantage also provides Business Managers with the flexibility to complete their Financial Services Reform Act (FSRA) accreditation and Allianz product training at their desk, at a time that best suits their needs. Our Account Managers support this accreditation with a face to face visit, focussing on the more detailed aspects of product and sales training.

In addition, our ongoing support includes:

  • » Progress monitoring, benchmarking and tracking

  • » Regular procedural and compliance audits

  • » Analysis of current performance supported by individual, tailored training

  • » Formal training courses

  • » Follow-up training seminars and product workshops

Implementing Allianz Advantage within your dealership can help to:

  • » Improve the profitability of your F&I department

  • » Increase retail sales

  • » Promote repeat and referral business

  • » Increase your sales team's overall efficiency

Here are just some of the ways we’ll deliver on these outcomes:

  • » Dealership coaching sessions with sales staff

  • » Regular Account Manager visits

  • » We work with you to achieve agreed goals and targets set for your team

  • » Tools to assist in managing and maximising team performance including Menu Options Selling methodology, best practice ‘role play’ training videos, ‘Plan your month calculator’ and ‘F&I Sales Log’

  • » Examples of best practice introductions to Business Managers

Allianz Advantage is all about effective strategies that are relevant in today's competitive dealer market. These solutions are designed with your business in mind, so that they can be easily and effectively implemented into your daily operations.


Our results speak for themselves.


This was an excellent seminar - it should be held often and include ALL business managers. It gave me the opportunity to fully realise and appreciate the value of our insurance products; and to offer 100% of our products to 100% of our customers, 100% of the time, with 100% enthusiasm. It also taught me to overcome objections and how to introduce myself confidently as the subject matter expert.

Roger Mattner
Business Manager, Nundah Mitsubishi - Norris Motor Group, Nundah QLD

Peter Warren Motor Group has a long standing relationship with Allianz and is always keen to have its business managers attend the formal Allianz 3 Day F&I Certified Sales Seminars and the 1 Day F&I Advanced Sales Seminars.

… six of our newest business managers have attended the 3 Day Seminars and have returned to the dealership being able to maximise their opportunities of increasing their F&I Income … [They are now]… able to confidently present all insurance products, explaining the features and benefits of the various products the dealership has to offer.

The trainers are enthusiastic and are always there to support our individual business managers, as well as the team, providing focus and the necessary skills to lift performance.

I highly recommend Allianz and its F&I Training Programs and thank them for the continued involvement and support.

Fil Dimarco
Senior Business Manager, Peter Warren Motor Group, NSW

At Barry Smith Automotives, we sell Allianz and Holden branded insurance products; my account manager suggested I may benefit by attending the Certified Sales Seminar. I found Ken’s seminar to be extremely motivating and taught me new ideas to implement … Upon returning to my dealership there was an immediate improvement in my results.

Further to this seminar, Allianz has conducted tailored group and one on one sessions at our dealership and we always get something out of these. I was so impressed that I enrolled for the Advanced Sales Seminar and, again, was not disappointed. I strongly recommend this training to any business manager that is looking to improve their results.

Kristian Zadro
Business Manager, Barry Smith Holden & Hyundai, Pennant Hills NSW

As a Volkswagen dealership, we use the branded Volkswagen Insurance. My Team of Finance and Insurance Consultants attended the Allianz 3 day course and have benefitted from the training.

Our account manager also organises individual and group in house training sessions to keep my team focused!

I would recommend the training offered by Allianz

Elisa Costa
General Manager F&I, Barloworld Volkswagen, Mascot NSW

It is very important for me to ensure that I get the best possible result from my team. The training that has been provided to us by Allianz has played a big part in our consistent growth and success of the F&I department.

It is a requirement that all our business managers attend the formal Certified and Advanced training courses. Charl is a familiar face at our dealerships, assisting in process training with our sales teams and coaching the business managers and aftercare managers.

Stephen Lean
Group Manager Finance and Aftercare, DVG Automotive Group, WA

12 months ago I decided to change career paths when the opportunity arose in my dealership to become a trainee business manager. Allianz provided me with one on one training in the best processes, such as early introductions, MOS options presenting, Workbench training and product knowledge.

I attended a 2 Day Business Manager workshop, [which] was a culmination of all the training and more. The presenters were extremely knowledgeable, interesting, informative and presented with great enthusiasm and all participants were encouraged to interact throughout.

Since completing my training and attending the workshop, I have used all the tools made available to me and the ongoing training I receive from my account manager has seen my results increase every month.

I would highly recommend the training course to any business managers who want to achieve higher results.

Trudie Martin
Business Manager, Scenic Motors, Beaudesert QLD

Just a quick thank you, to you and the team at Allianz for your ongoing support and training with my business managers.
We have been committed to the implementation of best practise processes within our business and, as a result, we now see greatly improved profitability from the Finance and Insurance Department. This is undoubtedly due in no small part to the ongoing focus Allianz places on working with, and assisting in, the training of business managers within the dealership.

The feedback received has been very positive. In fact, business managers who have attended the 2 Day Business Managers F&I Workshop have commented on the quality of both the content and presenters, all agreeing it to be [a] very worthwhile course.

Craig Burgess
Managing Director Dealer Principal, Toowong Mitsubishi & Kia, Toowong QLD

As a new BM, I found the 2-day course very professional and I was very impressed by how much info was covered and how well it was taught. I could understand everything very easily. I learnt a lot about the different types of cover customers can get elsewhere and how having Allianz products instead of/in addition to these can benefit the customer.

I am very excited to get back to the dealership and sell PPI - I now have so much clarity [and] confidence in what needs to be said and in how to sell this product.

Jennifer Mclean
Business Manager, Garry Crick Auto Group, Caloundra QLD

As of 2011, I had already been in the Finance and Insurance industry for 8 yrs, I thought I was doing a fine job, but I was open minded when it came to learning new ways. So I thought I’d attend the 3 Day Allianz BM course as I had heard great things about it.

The course progressed at a perfect pace over the 3 days. Most of the guys there were new to F&I, so I was interested in seeing the different levels of knowledge from those younger in the field. By the end of the course, I was amazed at how quickly the younger players had caught up to my level of knowledge and not only that but I had also learnt a completely new way to work.

I had a new found confidence in everything I was doing and this was proven in my F&I results. I have now gone from being fine at my job to being a worthy F&I advocate.

I would definitely recommend this course to anyone in the industry, new or old.

Troy Marlow
Business Manager, Barloworld Holden, Glen Waverley VIC

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